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Back when I was in grade school and in high school, I dreamed to be a novelist. My friends were my paper and pen. I often sat in the corner of the classroom and I preferred to be silent when the teacher was out.  Some of my classmates said that I was boring but when they started to get to know me, they were surprised by how I could drag them to different emotions just by reading my stories. They found that my silence is my creativity.

I could still remember when my teacher asked the class to write our own short stories. Most of the time I wrote when every one in the house was asleep. I tried to write just a short story but when I was writing, there were many ideas of plots and scenes that came out naturally. There was the stream of consciousness that I could not resist. In the end, I was able to write a novelette instead of a short story.

My teacher said not to delete scenes from it because it was a masterpiece. He asked me to continue what could make it better. Then he ordered me to create a new story that¬†should be a short story that I must submit as a requirement. In other words, the one that I first wrote was never submitted but I kept it and I wanted to improve it. I didn’t know the beauty of what I wrote until college.

My classmates in college asked me if I had written any story. I told them that I wrote something when I was in high school. They asked me to read it to them. I did and they listened carefully. After reading the novelette, I was flattered by how they could imagine the characters and the scenes the same as I was imagining. They even got affected by some of the lines. They admired the lead characters even just by hearing the story and they even talked about it.

As a writer, it was nice to hear that people appreciated our stories, how they could recall the scenes and the characters and how they could relate the lesson to life. But there was nothing to brag about. For many people it was a good read but unfortunately, the paper was destroyed by a typhoon. Now the story just remained in our memory. And it is one of the memories that I reminisce.


Since I was a little child, I loved drawing.
I loved singing.
I loved public speaking.
I loved watching anime and cartoons.
I loved watching inspirational movies.
I loved writing my own stories, poems, and songs.
I loved learning foreign languages.
I loved to be involved in performing arts and media arts.

To sum them all:
I loved to be a part of film industry (either local or foreign).

It was my dream.
I even wrote it on the year book during high school.
And I also created a dreamboard when I was asked to do so.

In my dreamboard I drew myself smiling with a headset and microphone. I drew a big face of me producing a voice that can be heard by the world. I drew myself talking to foreigners and traveling by plane.These were just some parts of my dreamboard.

My dream seems gigantic for a nobody like me. I am not rich and I don’t even have a complete family. My dream seemed to be a dream meant for sleeping.

But until now I do not give up. I couldn’t afford schooling so I applied for scholarships until I was able to graduate Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting.

Then opportunities came.

I worked in B.P.O. industry first to save money so that I could enroll in the pioneer voice acting school in the Philippines.

Early this year, I was able to accomplish that dream.

After 8 years of dreaming to meet Pocholo Gonzales, the Voice Master of the Philippines, I finally made it a reality. He became one of my teachers in Creativoices.

There I met other teachers who were voice acting directors from a television network (but they are not limited to only one television network. All possible projects that require dubbing for movies, series and radio from any station are free to be done).

After graduating from the voice acting workshop, I was invited to complete a writing course about translation of foreign language films to Filipino language.

I was very surprised when I knew that I was part of the pioneer batch of Salin-Wika at Diwa, the writing workshop produced by Lucy Quinto, the Mother of Philippine Voice Acting and Dubbing.

And so I had little achievements to date. I was able to do crowd dubbing with other dubbers, and sometimes extra characters. It was good for a starting dubber like me. And because I also took a writing workshop, I am not just a dubber but also a writer now.
I am a part of the film industry even as a girl behind the camera. No matter how small my role is, I always want to do my best, not just to earn money but to satisfy the passion that is in me.

I have been asked by my mentors, “Why do you want to be in this industry?”
Then I answered, “Because I want to make myself happy by making other people happy even in a small way.”

As I look back, I find that my Dreamboard has started to come to life.

But I realize that
Dreamboard is just a Dreamboard if we will only look at it. To make our dreams come true, we need to passionately work on them with God’s help and mercy.


I filed short clips of my voice acting when I was studying. You can listen to some of them on my SoundCloud. Click here.




Have you already experienced that you need to write an essay or a poem in your school but you do not know how to start?

Have you experienced to be given a deadline to write a script or an article but no idea comes to your mind?

Have you already tried to write a story but you do not know how to continue or how to finish it with a bang?

If you do, you are not alone.

Sometimes writers cannot think of anything to write about or how to proceed with writing. Many circumstances cause this problem.

I have to be honest that it also happens to me especially when I am so tired and sleepy; when I am hungry, thirsty and feeling exhausted. It also happens when I am engaged in many other activities.

But I do not believe that there is nothing to write about. There is always something to write about. I just need to pamper myself first to let the inspiration come to me.

I need to be kind to my body so that it functions properly.

If I lack sleep and I feel that my mind is very exhausted, of course, I need to sleep first to allow my brain to relax.

Showering and taking a bath is very helpful, too, to relieve the stress and make me feel fresh.

Eating healthy diet and taking vitamins are good way to condition the body.

Moreover, I remember how another writer told me that a great foundation to write is to read and read and read.

A writer is a reader. It is helpful that we have read many other books, articles and literature that can serve as inspiration. It’s not because we copy their write-ups but it’s because we can learn a lot of things from them that improve us as a writer.

As of writing this blog article, I actually feel exhausted because of a week of sleepless nights, office works, meetings and stage performances. I feel that my body is tired and all I want to do is to sleep. But I cannot sleep because I am still on shift in the office so I need to keep myself awake.

I am surprised to be able to write this just to express how I feel right now. I thought I have a writer’s block but having been able to post this, I can say that my writer’s block can be useful, too, to write an article.

I honestly miss writing short story. I remember during my on-the-job training for print (way back 2010), I was given a deadline of 24 hours to submit a piece that can move hearts. I wrote a touching story about a homosexual entitled Nanay Tatay!

When it was stored in the college library, I heard from my classmates that there were students who borrowed the book (compilation of our original stories) and read it inside their dormitory. They told me that students cried when they read my piece.

Undeniably, that moment I told my classmates, “They cried while reading it may be because I actually cried while writing it.”

Then my proctor told me, “You have a big potential. Why don’t you compete in national?”

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