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Congratulations to Quipsphere!

Congratulations to the developers of Quipsphere!


As of May 14, 2016, Quipsphere was at the top 4 spot of the new social media app in Play Store.

For a newly launched social media app, it is very promising! People can download it for FREE! So I believe that users of Quipsphere or what we call Quippers can grow exponentially over the next few months and years, and can even make this app viral.

“Quipsphere™ is a social media platform fully packed with wonderful features that enables you to speak your mind audibly. This means that you can send your message across with the right emotion and intensity that otherwise don’t usually happen with text and/or photos.”

“Quipsphere is the mobile app for sharing ideas, comments and opinions in the form of recorded voice message.

Thru Quipsphere you can follow quippers from around the world, receive quips from people that interests you, chat with your fellow quippers and stay updated with the current topics and issues thru trending hashtags.”

Quipsphere is also available in App Store for iOS users.

We can visit its official website for information about its features. Click here.

For instructions on how to use the Quipsphere, we may watch it on YouTube!

Click here to watch the tutorial.

Let us all be Quippers. Let us enjoy our freedom of expression.

Let us #BreakTheSilence!


I honestly miss writing short story

I honestly miss writing short story. I remember during my on-the-job training for print (way back 2010), I was given a deadline of 24 hours to submit a piece that can move hearts. I wrote a touching story about a homosexual entitled Nanay Tatay!

When it was stored in the college library, I heard from my classmates that there were students who borrowed the book (compilation of our original stories) and read it inside their dormitory. They told me that students cried when they read my piece.

Undeniably, that moment I told my classmates, “They cried while reading it may be because I actually cried while writing it.”

Then my proctor told me, “You have a big potential. Why don’t you compete in national?”

Gatas at Pulot (Haiku)

Gatas at pulot,
Bubukal sa malinis
Nating lupain.

-Michelle Samson



This Haiku is originally written on my old blog on January 2011.
(Featured image is credited to http://www.organicfacts.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Milkhoney.jpg)

Villanelle | Para sa mga estudyante…


Dahil sa kabila ng mga hikbi, nagtatago ang matamis na ngiti…

Ang Bakuna sa Sakit

sa panulat ni Mich Samson

Tila nais kong umiwas sa tuwing ika’y lalapit
Sa’yong ipinapamalas, ibig ko na lang pumikit
Ang aking naibulalas, “Ito’y bakuna sa sakit.”

Pilit ko nang iniiwas ang sayo’y maging mabait
Mukha ma’y maaliwalas, may maskarang bitbit
Tila nais kong umiwas sa tuwing ika’y lalapit

Dating mo man ay malakas, hindi ko nais maakit
Kahit ikaw pa’y mag-aklas, puso ko’y hindi kakabit
Ang aking naibulalas, “Ito’y bakuna sa sakit.”

Mga labi pa’y may gatas, huwag na munang makulit!
Upang tayo’y makatakas sa damdaming humagupit,
Tila nais kong umiwas sa tuwing ika’y lalapit

Iyo bang natatalastas, baka bukas ay mawaglit?
Oh! Tayo nga’y maging pantas: matamis ngayo’y  mapait
Ang aking naibulalas, “Ito’y bakuna sa sakit.”

Huwag mo sanang mamalas na ako’y  nagmamalupit
Na ayaw kong iparanas, pag-ibig ko kahit saglit…
Tila nais kong umiwas sa tuwing ika’y lalapit
Ang aking naibulalas, “Ito’y bakuna sa sakit.”


This villanelle is originally posted on my old blog on January 30, 2011 when I was inspired by a Japanese drama series, One Liter of Tears, based on a true story of Aya Kito, a Japanese girl who wrote a diary about her personal experiences while suffering from spinocerebellar ataxia.
Photo credits to One Liter of Tears, found on Google.

It’s very exciting to download Quipsphere!

When you don’t talk, there’s a lot of stuff that ends not getting said.
– Catherine Gilbert Murdock

qq    quip

So here comes Quipsphere, a new mobile app that attracts many users who desire to literally voice out their feelings. Yes, VOICE OUT! Because this app focuses on the voice-recording. Now people can express feelings not only through writing the status on Facebook or Twitter, but also through audibly speaking the mind. I really love it!

Users of Quipsphere are called Quippers. I learned about this from my friends’ posts on Facebook and Twitter with hashtag #BreakTheSilence. I have found that many of my thousands of friends in FB and Twitter have been using the Quipsphere app and they are all surprised and well-entertained about its innovative features.

As a voice artist, I am very excited to use this app and share to my fellow dubbers. Surely we will be able to entertain other Quippers, too, just for fun. I will download this app as soon as possible. I will navigate on it and I will use it creatively. Then you can read my next blog posts about my experiences while using the app.

This is available for Android and iOS users. You can click on Android and iOS if you want to learn more about the mobile app. Now is the time to #BreakTheSilence. Let us be heard!

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