Heart and soul behind the camera…



I cannot do anything without God’s help and mercy.

My passion is music, arts and literature. 🙂

I am a graduate of Mass Communication Technology and Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting as a full scholar of the award-winning broadcaster, Doctor of Humanity Daniel Razon.

While working in B.P.O. industry as a scholastic account specialist, I took up voice acting workshop and I got certificate for completing the Voiceworx batch 35 in Creativoices, the pioneer voice acting school in the Philippines.

Then few weeks after the workshop, I was invited to be one of the pioneer students of the Salin-Wika at Diwa, an intensive writing workshop that focused on translating foreign films to Filipino language.

The writing workshop was produced by Tita Lucy Quinto, The Mother of Philippine Voice Acting and Dubbing. The workshop was held for projects of Viva Films and it was conducted by the compassionate and very talented dubbing director Alexx Agcaoilli who also happened to be one of my mentors in Creativoices.

Basically, I am a dubber and a writer with a heart. 🙂

To God be the glory forever!